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  1. may alllah bless all of us vd deen e islam ameen

  2. After I had came back from Islamic Camp
    I went to bed and had a dream I saw all of the horrible things happening. In my dream it was 4th of July, my family and friends were going to so see the fire works like always. Than I went in to my house get a yellow blanket or a yellow duck, while they went ahead. Than I cam out everything bad was happening. I see fire coming from the sky innocent people getting hurt the world titling. Yet nothing was happening to me I saw someone that I cared about getting hurt with fire after association with the opposite gender and going to the fire works with the opposite gender. As i was standing their watching it happen with tears in my eyes just wondering why cant it be me instead of them. why is my family in there? my is my little sister that is not even 10years of age in there.
    Brothers and Sisters please be careful this world is nothing but a dream. I pray for our Ummah and always will till God takes that privilege away from me.


  3. “God is with the broken-hearted. When your heart breaks, it’s a good thing – the breaking of the heart is what opens it up to the light of Allah. The dunya is designed to break your heart, to crush it.” [Shaykh Hamza Yusuf]

  4. Anonymous232 said:

    Today, I was at the dentist and I was getting a filling and it brought great pain, but it helped me remember the Grave and the Judgment Day because of the pain, and realized, the Hereafter will be much worse than this. Who knew a dentist visit could help me remember my duties as a Muslim again? MLIH

  5. Today, I went to Jummah prayer after so many months of missing it. Because of my excuse; “School”. And I felt so proud of myself, and now I hope and pray for many Muslims to show up for Salah, because it is more important than education. May Allah swt guide every Muslim in the west, and grand us to Jannatul Firdous. ❤ Ameen. MLIH

  6. Today I saw a single lit window from the large apartment block opposite my building at the time for suhoor. A lady was standing at the balcony, hands raised in prayer. It felt good to know that there were other muslims in my area. MLIH

  7. The Silly Guy said:

    I quit smoking today after many years…I concentrate more on the Quran now..MLIH

  8. I used to never wear head scarfs. I used to push it off and pretend it wasnt mentioned in the hadith and Quran. My mom used to yell at me however I continued to ignore her. One day a christian women asked me why dont you wear a head scarf like other Muslim Women? I said, “I really dont know, I guess Im not that religious”. Ever since then I started wearing head scarfs. It represents our Modesty and Religion. MLIH

  9. AssalamuAlkium

    4 Years ago (I think) during the time of Ramadan, I was keeping a fast during school time. I was at my lunch table hanging out with friends. I saw a couple of my Muslim friends get some food to eat. So, I thought why don’t I get something to eat, I went up to get lunch and I brought the lunch to my table. But then, my friend had approached me and asked me if I had been keeping a fast. I told him, I was; he responded by saying why are you going to eat. My mouth began to water and I was desperate for some food and I thought it wouldn’t matter if I took a bite from this food, thinking that no one saw me and plus my parents would never find out. But, I thought more about it and realized that Allah (SWT) is watching over me and I figured that I should not eat the food. I didn’t eat the food and instead I offered the food to one of my other friend. I did break my fast on time. MLIH

  10. Today I was left in confusion about an issue that had been stressing me in the past few days, and I decided to pray tahajjud since I was staying up. Halfway through, I felt that Allah gave me clarity and tears fell out of my eyes. MLIH

  11. Anonny339 said:

    One day in class, we were having a discussion about Islam and Christianity. At the end of the long discussion, an Atheist boy boy said that if he had to choose between Islam and Christianity, he would choose Islam becuase it makes more sense. The following day, my friend gave him a phamplet about Islam. MLIH

  12. Today I was thinking about how different my life is from my parents. They are desi’s and I’m not. How I treat my maid, how I spend my money, how I invest my wealth. We are seriously different and incredibly alike. I wonder if I’m living it right, making the correct choices/decision. Then I remember Allah (SWT). Life is good again. Alhamdulilah. MLIH

  13. I used to backbite in the back of other people. In front of someone I would be so nice. But when I would leave that friend and go out with my other friends I had the habit of telling them what the other friend did bad and made fun of him. After going to some lectures in my musjid, one imam told me of how its like eating the meat of ones brother and its also considered to be a hypocrite and they are the ones to go to hell easily. I stopped my habit and instead I started saying good things about people. MLIH

  14. Aselamualaikum
    I used to really enjoy drinking beer, I used to say that beer was just a drink so why should it be haram?? Some brothers used to scream at me and say it was a major sin but I would just respond by saying how? I was not very intelligent in Islam back then. Then I finally looked in the Quran and found out that I was wrong and it was a major sin ahlhumdillah. May Allah forgive my sins. MLIH

  15. I used to eat non halal meat besides Pig from McDonalds and other fast food restaurants. Some Muslim brothers used to be mad at me and tell me not to but I still disagreed saying that u can eat meat besides pig. then I finally realized I was wrong and I started eating at halal restaurants. MLIH

    • Gerrard said:

      thank God! certain foods are forbidden and as Muslims we need to observe that law. Also non halal food is bad for you for ex halal meat means draining the blood from the animal taking away the diseases that it may have.

  16. Anony234 said:

    When I was a kid I used to shake namaz off and say when I get older I will start praying. Then one day I had a dream when I was about 7 years old, I was on a mountain and there was lightning going on everywhere and I felt in the dream that Allah (SWT) was angry at me. So after that dream I started praying namaz 5 times a day, everyday. MLIH

  17. I used to be really disrespectful to my parents. When they used to say something or ask something I would just ignore them or yell at them. Then I finally came to my senses when I told shaitan down and now I try my best to listen to my parents. Alhumdoillah. MLIH

  18. I used to look at dirty images on the internet. I lost my whole life and I couldnt stop thinking of the images even when I read namaz! After going to the Musjid and making more Islamic friends, I finally stopped my dirty habit and alhumdoillah I feel great now! MLIH

  19. A sister started fitnah and another sister was angry with me. I was tempted to explain myself so the sister would no longer be angry. If I would have explained myself the sister who was angry would have been deeply hurt by what was said about her. I kept my mouth shut, and she still thinks I am a bad sister. MLIH

  20. Alright, So I go to this Islamic Youth Group meetings at friday in the Musjid in which I meet with Muslims and we discuss Islam and read Quran and how to apply it in our youth lives. So once my friend invited me to a party on Friday at the time of youth group. Now I was thinking, should I go to the party? But even through after thinking about how fun the party would be, I choose going to youth group because I knew fun in the after life is what counts! MLIH

  21. tahabtalib said:

    I remember that last year i wanted to buy a PS3, but it costs a lot of money. then when I had $400 saved we went to a fundraiser to help construction for new renovations in the Musjid that I go to. I new I should donate money but I really wanted to donate some of the money. Then I overcame shaitan and donated $200 to JMIC (the Musjid I go to). After I donated I felt happiness overcome me and I was glad that I donated the money. then a month later Allah rewarded me buy giving me a PS3. MLIH

  22. Saima Hareem said:

    I went to Niagra falls to see fire works, I new time for Magrib had arrived I tried to bring up the courage and pray and their were so many people in there, I finially overcame shaitan and I found that there was another Muslim Women praying, so I joined her. MLIH

  23. I went on a school field trip to Washington D.C. this year and Boston last year. It was for multiple days so i had to pray there. I was reluctant at first to pray in front of everyone and was thinking of going back to the hotel and just making it up later, but I told Shaytan NO. I prayed all of the prayers on time. MLIH

  24. Saad R. said:

    I once went to a school field overnight and while I was their I had pray Isha and since they were staying in that room, I didn’t have the courage to pray in front of them. I tried thinking of praying in the bathroom but i knew that was wrong. So I told shaitan down and told my friends I had to pray. One of my Christian friend actually said, Hey i pray every night to. So with that I prayed. MLIH

  25. Once, my friends were eating hamburgers from McDonald’s. They told me to eat with them. I knew that the meat would not be halal, so i decided not to eat that food and stood firm in my decision. Instead I had a fish burger because fish don’t need to go through the Dhabihah proccess. MLIH

  26. HML (Saad) said:

    Heres an example (note this is an example, it doesn’t have to be true!)-
    One day I was walking in a park with my school friends. I noticed that my shadow was almost twice my size and I knew Asr time was starting soon. So at first I thought, “forget it, theres people watching!” But then I felt an urge to tell shaytan to quit it and I took a clean picnic cloth and I started to pray even through my friends and others were watching. MLIH

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