Halal it up!


From the creator of The Muslim Voice…….

I present to you a new project, My Life is Halal!

So what is My Life is Halal (MLIH)? Well those of you familiar of the site Fmylife.com (USTAGHFURUALLAH!) will know that, that site is about people submitting to the site about how something horrible happened to their life and how miserable it is. Similarly there is also a new site called givesmehope.com (GMH) which is the whole opposite of the site. (Not to mention a http://mylifeisdesi.com/!) Now if you look at title of the site ^My Life is Halal-you can tell what this site is going to be about! In case if you still have not guessed, this site will promote how you choose Islam over something haraam. Remember anyone can submit and you can also submit anonymously. So go on ahead and submit how you overcame shaytan!


Comments on: "About" (4)

  1. ALLAH nek aur pak hain beshak

  2. Mahdi Sungkar said:

    assalammu’alaikum. Hope someone can help me to go to canadaand be butcher for halal food. Allah the GREATEST One

  3. Beautiful patience said:

    Assalamwalikum very interested in collaborating with you. I work for a magazine. Could you contact me by email and I can tell you more about it?

  4. islamistheway said:

    GREAT site Mashallah! This is a wonderful way for Muslims to encourage eachother and give us strength. Jazakallah Khair. I will link you to my blog Inshallah.


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