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  1. AssalamuAlkium 4 Years ago (I think) during the time of Ramadan, I was keeping a fast during school time. I was at my lunch table hanging out with friends. I saw a couple of my Muslim friends get some food to eat. So, I thought why don’t I get something to eat, I went up to get lunch and I brought the lunch to my table. But then, my friend had approached me and asked me if I had been keeping a fast. I told him, I was; he responded by saying why are you going to eat. My mouth began to water and I was desperate for some food and I thought it wouldn’t matter if I took a bite from this food, thinking that no one saw me and plus my parents would never find out. But, I thought more about it and realized that Allah (SWT) is watching over me and I figured that I should not eat the food. I didn’t eat the food and instead I offered the food to one of my other friend. I did break my fast on time. MLIH

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