Halal it up!



Comments on: "Sisters" (2)

  1. I used to never wear head scarfs. I used to push it off and pretend it wasnt mentioned in the hadith and Quran. My mom used to yell at me however I continued to ignore her. One day a christian women asked me why dont you wear a head scarf like other Muslim Women? I said, “I really dont know, I guess Im not that religious”. Ever since then I started wearing head scarfs. It represents our Modesty and Religion. MLIH

  2. A sister started fitnah and another sister was angry with me. I was tempted to explain myself so the sister would no longer be angry. If I would have explained myself the sister who was angry would have been deeply hurt by what was said about her. I kept my mouth shut, and she still thinks I am a bad sister. MLIH

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