Halal it up!



Comments on: "Struggles" (8)

  1. The Silly Guy said:

    I quit smoking today after many years…I concentrate more on the Quran now..MLIH

  2. Once, my friends were eating hamburgers from McDonald’s. They told me to eat with them. I knew that the meat would not be halal, so i decided not to eat that food and stood firm in my decision. Instead I had a fish burger because fish don’t need to go through the Dhabihah proccess. MLIH

  3. I once went to a school field overnight and while I was their I had pray Isha and since they were staying in that room, I didn’t have the courage to pray in front of them. I tried thinking of praying in the bathroom but i knew that was wrong. So I told shaitan down and told my friends I had to pray. One of my Christian friend actually said, Hey i pray every night to. So with that I prayed. MLIH

  4. I went on a school field trip to Washington D.C. this year and Boston last year. It was for multiple days so i had to pray there. I was reluctant at first to pray in front of everyone and was thinking of going back to the hotel and just making it up later, but I told Shaytan NO. I prayed all of the prayers on time. MLIH

  5. Saima Hareem said:

    I went to Niagra falls to see fire works, I new time for Magrib had arrived I tried to bring up the courage and pray and their were so many people in there, I finially overcame shaitan and I found that there was another Muslim Women praying, so I joined her. MLIH

  6. Today I was left in confusion about an issue that had been stressing me in the past few days, and I decided to pray tahajjud since I was staying up. Halfway through, I felt that Allah gave me clarity and tears fell out of my eyes. MLIH

  7. Today I was thinking about how different my life is from my parents. They are desi’s and I’m not. How I treat my maid, how I spend my money, how I invest my wealth. We are seriously different and incredibly alike. I wonder if I’m living it right, making the correct choices/decision. Then I remember Allah (SWT). Life is good again. Alhamdulilah. MLIH

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