Halal it up!



Comments on: "Youth" (2)

  1. Today, I went to Jummah prayer after so many months of missing it. Because of my excuse; “School”. And I felt so proud of myself, and now I hope and pray for many Muslims to show up for Salah, because it is more important than education. May Allah swt guide every Muslim in the west, and grand us to Jannatul Firdous. ❤ Ameen. MLIH

  2. Alright, So I go to this Islamic Youth Group meetings at friday in the Musjid in which I meet with Muslims and we discuss Islam and read Quran and how to apply it in our youth lives. So once my friend invited me to a party on Friday at the time of youth group. Now I was thinking, should I go to the party? But even through after thinking about how fun the party would be, I choose going to youth group because I knew fun in the after life is what counts! MLIH

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